Margarita Mathiopoulos, Duncan McCorquodale & Alice Hutchison: No statute of limitations on plagiarism

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Margarita Mathiopoulos committed plagiarism. Now she has been stripped of her PhD. It’s a painful – and belated – loss. Nearly thirty years late, in fact – because Mathiopoulos submitted the offending work back in 1986, and received her doctorate the same year.

What can we learn from this latest case of plagiarism? We learn that there is no statute of limitations on plagiarism. This may seem incredible to some. After all, in Germany and a large number of other countries there are many offenses subject to the statute of limitations. Legally, in fact, they apply to virtually all crimes – except murder.

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And that’s precisely the point. No statute of limitations on murder! Plagiarism kills. It kills the intellectual work that other people have produced. It is a death sentence on the spoken and written word. It is unacceptable, and it should always be pursued.

And indeed, the pursuit of plagiarism doesn’t end. It continues perpetually. In Mathiopoulos’ case, after more than 25 years. In other cases it can be even longer. And that should serve as a warning to all those who are still trying to cover up their plagiarism.

The lesson here is clear. Every person who commits plagiarism must clearly and unambiguously confess and accept full responsibility. This is the only way for a plagiarizing author or her publisher to avoid a belated and therefore all the more painful and humiliating punishment. Being caught is much worse than coming clean.

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