The Humboldt University of Berlin said it in the clearest terms: Alice Hutchison is a plagiarist / A Berlin court termed her plagiarism „DISHONEST“

The book of Black Dog Publishing, London (cover from both sides) / the academic work from which numerous passages have been copied without any attribution whatsoever / Cover of Moonchild: largre passages from this book have been plagiarized as well / First page of Moonchild / table of contents / contributions of Carel Rowe and Anna Powell; a further victim of the blatant plagiarism committed by London based Black Dog Publishing is Robert Haller (large parts of this text were copied without proper attribution)  / Der Spiegel (a leading German Newsmagazine): cases of miscarriage of justice ("Fehlurteile") are common in Germany. The one described here is very serious and extremely damaging for the Academic and cultural community in this country. Luckily, this terrible legal error has NO implications whatsoever OUTSIDE Germany. The Academic ruling of the Humboldt University of Berlin, on the contrary, is valid WORLDWIDE

Experts have concluded that German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg plagiarized massively in his PhD dissertation. I have not checked the accusations and can’t comment as to their accuracy. But I can tell you one thing with certainty: in Germany, the rights to academic works are not adequately protected. You can copy like a kid in a candy store without fearing legal consequences. And that is a disgrace.

I have arrived at this unhappy conclusion because I have experienced it myself. My daughter Miriam was the victim of plagiarism. The Humboldt University of Berlin instructed its highest academic authority to investigate and clear up the accusations. This Academic Commission determined unambiguously that plagiarism occurred.

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The president of the prestigious university signed a statement to that effect. But the State Court of Berlin ruled that the stolen work was “not eligible for protection.” That was a flagrant miscarriage of justice. It was a black eye for the rule of law in Germany – a slap in the face to academics, students and all serious authors. Nonetheless, the judges did determine that the actions of plagiarist Alice Hutchison and her London publisher Black Dog Publishing were “dishonest.” At least it’s a start. (Case number 16 O 11/08).

Experts believe that the court committed a serious error. This ruling is an outrage and deserves harsh reproach. But criticism is not enough: political action is also necessary. Politicians must ensure that irresponsible judges no longer permit blatant violations of authors’ rights. Judicial assent to academically and legally proven, shameful plagiarism should be rendered impossible through appropriate laws.

Incidentally, the book included passages plagiarized from at least three other authors. The details will soon be posted in these pages. One would hope that the British publisher Black Dog Publishing will finally accept liability for this massive plagiarism. All copies of the book must be corrected with an erratum slip. Any new edition must contain adequate references to the quoted material. The publisher must commit to covering all the expenses that resulted in connection with the exposure of this serious case of plagiarism.

Here is the official statement of Humboldt University regarding the blatant plagiarism committed by Alice Hutchison. The Password is: BlackDogPublishing.Plagiarism Please read also this contribution

President of Humboldt University of Berlin denounces plagiarist Alice Hutchison


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