Plagiarism: Guttenberg conceded at last; Alice Hutchison and Black Dog publishing are still not prepared to admit wrongdoing

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It took some time, but he finally wrestled his way to a decision: Non-doctor Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has confessed to plagiarizing – unequivocally and without excuses. He has “declined” the PhD that he received by cheating the system. This was undoubtedly a difficult step for Guttenberg – but it was the right one. Now he can devote himself once more to the craft of politics and (hopefully) put this uncomfortable affair behind him.

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Sadly, the same cannot be said for author Alice Hutchison and her publisher, Black Dog Publishing of London (see our prior reports). They persist in excuses and denials, years after their plagiarism was exposed. They refuse to accept responsibility for their mistakes and to correct them. They think they can simply wait this one out.

This obstinacy is a disgrace. It does nothing to limit the damage or end the scandal over the plagiarism. The president of Humboldt University did right when he exposed Alice Hutchison and Black Dog Publishing and condemned their plagiarism in the clearest terms. The irresponsible British publisher has been unmasked by a high academic authority. Black Dog Publishing and its manager won’t be able to talk this plagiarism away.

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President of Humboldt University denounces plagiarism by Alice Hutchison

"Here is a statement signed on August 11, 2010, by the President of the Humboldt University of Berlin. The statement confirms in the clearest terms that intellectual property rights have been infringed and that plagiarism did occur. It is based on the findings of an inquiry by a high-level Academic Ethics Commission of the university.

The book referred to in the statement is:

Hutchison, Alice. Kenneth Anger: A Demonic Visionary. London: Black Dog Publishing, 2004.

Publisher Duncan McCorquodale, who leads Black Dog Publishing of the UK, is still not prepared to accept liability for the infringement and to issue a correction. Leading scholars from several countries have criticized the dishonest, irresponsible and shameful behavior of the London based publisher..."


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