The Disgrace of Plagiarist Alice Hutchison (and Silvana Koch-Mehrin)

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Leading German universities with international reputations for academic excellence have recently documented two serious cases of plagiarism. The plagiarism committed by Silvana Koch-Mehrin. And the still more serious plagiarism committed by Alice Hutchison.

The Lost Honour of Silvana Koch-Mehrin:

The University of Heidelberg opened an investigation after users of the Website VroniPlag turned up incriminating evidence. The result was unequivocal: Koch-Mehrin had to drop her doctorate.

The Lost Honour of Alice Hutchison:

The highest academic authority of the Humboldt University of Berlin also looked into allegations of plagiarism. And here, too, the findings were crystal clear: Alice Hutchison freely copied from a student without naming her source even once. You can view Humboldt’s official determination of plagiarism here (password: BlackDogPublishing.Plagiarism).

So how are the accused responding? They are still trying to deny the obvious. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions. They are unwilling to face the consequences. This arrogant reaction on the part of Silvana Koch-Mehrin and Alice Hutchison is just as dishonst as the original plagiarism – and just as worthy of opprobrium.

Koch-Mehrin sees the writing on the wall; Hutchison stays stubborn

Will reason prevail? By now Koch-Mehrin has at least resigned her position in the parliamentary committee for research. Alice Hutchison, on the other hand, wrote in a letter to the Humboldt University that it’s entirely legitimate to copy from students without naming the source. And she admitted to having done so multiple times.

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