President of Humboldt University denounces plagiarist Alice Hutchison / Her book on filmmaker Kenneth Anger contains numerous plagiarized passages from at least four authors / Dishonest: Publisher Duncan McCorquodale is not prepared to accept liability

Excerpts from the statement of the President of Humboldt University of Berlin (August 11, 2010) / Humboldt University (official Website) / Alexander von Humboldt and Wilhelm von Humboldt (Photos: Wikimedia Commons)

Here is a statement signed on August 11, 2010, by the President of the Humboldt University of Berlin. The statement confirms in the clearest terms that intellectual property rights have been infringed and that plagiarism did occur. It is based on the findings of an inquiry by a high-level Academic Ethics Commission of the university.

The book referred to in the statement is:

Hutchison, Alice. Kenneth Anger: A Demonic Visionary. London: Black Dog Publishing, 2004.

Publisher Duncan McCorquodale, who leads Black Dog Publishing of the UK, is still not prepared to accept liability for the infringement and to issue a correction. Leading scholars from several countries have criticized the dishonest, irresponsible and shameful behavior of the London based publisher.

A password is required to access the document [BlackDogPublishing.Plagiarism]. If you are interested in plagiarism and particularly the issue of students as victims - not just perpetrators, as is so often bemoaned - you are welcome to read the statement and send your comments to

A number of US and other leading libraries have inserted the statement of the President of Humboldt University into the book with the plagiarized passages or withdrawn the title from their collections. This measure serves as an alert to the disturbing situation described above.I would appreciate it very much if you could kindly draw the attention of your own librarian to the problem and ask for his or her support. I trust that this would encourage the leaders of BDP to accept liability for the infringement and to insert an erratum slip in all books affected in this plagiarism case.

President of Humboldt University Statement on Plagiarism (August 11, 2010)  [Password: BlackDogPublishing.Plagiarism].


The Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, is Berlin's oldest university.It was founded in 1810 by Wilhelm von Humboldt. The university's name honors both its founder and his brother, the famous scientist Alexander von Humboldt. The university is located in the center of Berlin, at the boulevard Unter den Linden.

Humboldt University is home to 29 Nobel Prize winners and enjoys a worldwide reputation for Academic excellence. The University's Mission Statement underlines its legacy of outstanding scholarly and scientific achievement and of promoting the critical examination of established knowledge for the benefit of society.

Humboldt University has a new President - Prof. Dr. Jan-Hendrik Olbertz / New Challanges for Berlin's oldest University


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