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Focus on Libya and the Gaddafi family: From London School of Economics all the way to Black Dog Publishing / Politics and Plagiarism

Germany has been consumed by a high-profile plagiarism scandal in recent months. Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg was forced out of office by allegations that he plagiarized large portions of his doctoral dissertation. Now it’s Britain’s turn. The prestigious London School of Economics (LSE) awarded

Arianna Huffington teaches Alice Hutchison: when you plagiarize, take responsibility and settle

The large online newspaper Huffington Post has confessed: One of our employees copied the work of others without indicating the source. Editor in Chief Arianna Huffington responded swiftly by firing the writer. The responsible editor at the HuffPost, Peter Goodman, apologized to the victim of the plagiarism and declared:  “We have zero tolerance for this sort of conduct.”

The Disgrace of Plagiarist Alice Hutchison (and Silvana Koch-Mehrin)

Leading German universities with international reputations for academic excellence have recently documented two serious cases of plagiarism. The plagiarism committed by Silvana Koch-Mehrin. And the still more serious plagiarism committed by Alice Hutchison.

American salad: Worlds come together at Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market // Wer Amerika kennenlernen will, der muss in die Kleinstadt

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in the middle. That's James Carville's pithy verdict on the political map of Pennsylvania. From the big-picture perspective of presidential politics, he's right (with some qualification). But all that "Alabama" in the center of the Keystone State is no monolith....


Rafah crossing is permanently open; At last, Egypt begins to shoulder responsibility for Gaza

The Arab-Arab border between Egypt, the largest Arab country, and the Gaza strip, a territory controlled exclusively by Arabs, is now COMPLETELY open. At last! This should put the lie to claims that Israel has been blocking access to Gaza. From time to time Israel had more or less closed its own border to the Strip, sure. But it could never seal Gaza, as critics so often said, because the territory borders Egypt.