04. Stories in ENGLISH

Angela Merkel: All the secrets of the current and probable next Chancellor of Germany

Foreigners often paint Angela Merkel as a colorless disciplinarian whose domestic success is based on her appeal to Germans’ stingy and pedantic side. This picture is a complete misunderstanding. Germans are no less baffled by their leader, struggling to understand how she manages to win at the dirty game of politics and charm them all the while. Call her the Mona Lisa of European politics – fascinating to all, understood by none. But as an outsider with decades of experienc...


German Research Minister’s Doctorate revoked; Annette Schavan plagiarized according to The Alice Hutchison Method

It was predictable long ago that German Education and Research Minister Annette Schavan would lose her doctorate. I myself reported this looming development a year ago. In so doing I have drawn a comparison with another, flagrant plagiarism case that has preoccupied the famous Humboldt University of B...


Greek PM Samaras in Berlin: Homemade recoveries go down easier

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras preceded his trip to Berlin this morning with a nightmarish prophecy. If Greece exits the Eurozone, he warned, it will fall into a deep recession. The standard of living will plummet by 70 percent. Protest and violence will haunt the country. Democracy could not survive all of this. Circumstances in Greece would recall the Weimar Republic.

Art Drive: in Shoreditch, London, the parking lot is the destination

I’ve never been a big car guy. I usually rely on my feet or my bike to get places. It’s a good way to get in my daily exercise and to avoid high gas prices  - not to mention the hassle of finding a parking spot. I can chain up my old bike anywhere. So I stay slim, save money, and give Mother Nature a break. For longer trips I jump on the train or catch a flight.

Egypt’s biggest problems: It’s not what you think

 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Cairo. She is sitting down with President Mohamed Morsi and parleying with Army chief Mohamed Tantawi. The agenda covers the fragile democracy movement, debt relief, and regional conflicts. But will the talks touch on any of Egypt’s main problems?